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We’re hosting a killer cocktail party, and you’re invited.

Cocktail Party Massacre is a queer horror podcast and game show. Each week, special guests have a chance to win the coveted title of Final Girl in a deadly game of horror trivia against our very own slasher. Plus, we craft a delicious cocktail to complement the movie we’re discussing.

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Favorite horror movie of all time: Night of the Living Dead

Favorite contemporary horror movie: The VVitch

Favorite horror sub-genre: 70s and 80s slashers

Favorite horror scene: The 'Sleepaway Camp' reveal

Favorite villain: Freddy Krueger

Favorite final girl: Jesse Walsh from Nightmare on Elm Street 2, hunty.

Favorite horror remake: Evil Dead (2013)

Favorite horror score: 'Under the Skin' by Micah Levi

Favorite cocktail: Rusty Nail



Favorite horror movie of all time: Sleepaway Camp

Favorite contemporary horror movie: It Follows

Favorite horror sub-genre: Giallo

Favorite horror scene: The climax of Poltergeist.

Favorite villain: Freddy Krueger

Favorite final girl: Sally from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Favorite horror remake: The Thing (1982)

Favorite horror score: 'Suspiria' by Goblin

Favorite cocktail: Magic Mike's Flaming Hard Cocktail


Franny the Tranny

If he's like most dogs in horror movies, he'll be dead by sundown.