Recipe: The Deadly Orgasm & Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers // Episode 3

In episode three of Cocktail Party Massacre, we discussed Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, an insanely ridiculous but totally watchable (and quotable) movie about sex workers who worship at the altar of an ancient Egyptian chainsaw god. Here’s a cold and creamy cocktail to pair with viewing.

RECIPE: Limbo Water & The Devil's Backbone // Episode 2

RECIPE: Limbo Water & The Devil's Backbone // Episode 2

Remember when there used to be cocaine in Coca-Cola? Well, there used to be mutated human fetuses in Limbo Water. But now — thanks to Pickens — there’s not. Test drive the perfect mutant-free cocktail to complement your next viewing of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone!

3 (non-spoiler) things you need to know about Hereditary

Aside perhaps from the Halloween and Suspiria re-imaginings slated to hit theaters this fall, no other horror movie in 2018 has received as much hype as Hereditary. Pre-release acclaim more or less promised that Hereditary would scare the shit out of moviegoers: 'The scariest movie in years'; 'This generation's The Exorcist'; ''A modern day horror masterpiece.' Of course, horror movie fans have been promised this all before. So how much is hype, and how much is reality? Here are three non-spoiler things you need to know about Hereditary.