Here lie all the contestants who just couldn't cut it when the Cocktail Party Massacre slasher started cutting them.

Graveyard banner.jpg

Here lies Jackson,

whose spirit was donated to the Carnival of Souls, August 2, 2018.


Here lies Brian,

who was ‘snapped’ in two by the Eye Spy Killer during Ginger Snaps trivia on September 14, 2018.


Here lies Brent,

who didn’t ‘Have a nice day’ during our Chopping Mall episode. Perhaps he wasn’t fully charged? DELETED!

Andrew and Matty.jpg

Here Lie Andrew & Matty

who found eternal slumber after Slumber Party Massacre trivia. Glad they like each other. That coffin is tight.


Here Lies Michelle

who didn’t have to visit Elm Street for her worst nightmares to come true. Our slasher gutted her January 17, 2019.

Fresh corpses coming soon.

Fresh corpses coming soon.

...for a chance to earn the coveted title of FINAL GIRL. If you win, you get a ridiculous prize. But if you lose, you end up our graveyard!


Here Lies Erica Zalatan

who arrived a newlywed but ended up newly dead. She used to rock, but after Slime City trivia, she’s buried under rocks. 

Ryan L Terry 2.PNG

Here Lies Ryan

who succumbed to the homo-erotically charged trickery of Freddy’s Revenge in a nail-biter-of-an-episode held January 31, 2019.


Here Lie Robert & Chris

who, like Tangina, tried to ‘clean house’ during Poltergeist trivia, but they just went from the Freelings’ hidden graveyard to ours.


Here Lies BETO

who was a real SCREAM — that is, before we took away his boys, his booze and (ultimately) his blood.