RECIPE: Limbo Water & The Devil's Backbone // Episode 2

As we discussed in the second episode of Cocktail Party Massacre, one of the many things that makes Guillermo Del Toro's The Devil's Backbone (2001) so fan-fucking-tastic is its constant defiance of genre tropes. It foregoes jump scares for a mood-saturated mystery that, from poetic prologue to satisfying conclusion, is peppered with equal parts creepiness, intrigue and romance -- at least, the gothic kind.

Even the characters are not as they seem.

Santi (Junio Valverde), the resident ghost, is a revenge-seeking hero; Carmen (Marisa Paredes) is decidedly not some Dickensian sadist schoolmarm; and Dr. Casares (Federico Luppe), too, proves a faithful friend to the orphans -- in life and in death (despite his creepy craving for Limbo Water, a healing elixir that has — among other ingredients — pickled mutant babies. YUM!).

I challenged co-host Pickens (@partypickens) to craft a cocktail in honor of  The Devil’s Backbone, and he created a new, arguably improved version of Limbo Water. For better or worse, his recipe omits the mutant fetus component, but he’s added golden flecks in tribute to the movie’s true villain, the gold bouillon badboy, Jacinto. 

Try new LIMBO WATER! Now with no fetus!

Try new LIMBO WATER! Now with no fetus!

You will need:

  • Goldschlager (2oz)

  • Apple Cider (2oz)

  • Sparkling wine (or legit champagne if you’re fancy) — to fill to the brim of your champagne flute)

Pickens has a strict policy about cocktails: Fewer steps = gets in your gullet faster. Therefore, to pull off Pickens’s version of the Limbo Water, simply mix this shit together and drink.


*Warning: Unlike Dr. Casares’s orginal recipe, this Limbo Water DOESN’T cure impotence. 

**It does cure boredom, though.